Sunday, September 19, 2010

"Let Knowledge Prevail"

Well, all the good ones were taken. This blog is not dedicated to any particular subject (yet), so I had some trouble figuring out what to put in the title. I settled for this since it is a noble principle and probably the only one I will (try to) have in mind.

I've been caring for knowledge and truth all of my life. At first because I was curious and later because I realized that it's one of those rare things in this world that are truly worth having. Another one is love, of course. If I didn't seek knowledge I'd be bored and luckily there's enough to learn to keep a person busy for the rest of their life.

"Knowledge is power" but one should not quote this without also saying that ignorance is power, and a far greater one at that. There are a lot of ignorant people and you need a lot of knowledge to combat their collective ignorance. Now, there's nothing wrong with being ignorant, but being proud of it and/or unwilling to change it, that's another story. Sadly, I see such people quite often.